District 8: Team Meadowview

Materials: Nova Color Acrylic Paint Dimensions of Mural: 80’ wide by 30’ tall

Completed: February 28, 2022

Photograph by Roderick Cooney


Visit the completed mural at the corner of 24th street and Meadowview Road.

Check out Lead Artist Leonardo Moleiro’s Artist Talk video describing the collaboration, inspiration and his process below!

  • Community Paint Day on February 26th from noon to 2pm at the State of D8 Celebration
  • August: 3 Art Workshops for teens enrolled in summer programs at Pannell Community Center

Community Mural Paint Day

Community Engagement Events



Lead Artist

HEather Hogan

Assistant Artist


Assistant Artist

CMS Artist Talk – Leonardo Moleiro – D8


City Council Member Mai Vang, D8
Pannell Community Center staff
Pannell Summer Youth Camp
Neighborhood Residents

  • Heart & Hustle at ‘the state of d8’

    Heart & Hustle at ‘the state of d8’

    D8 Meadowview Community Mural Paint Day became an addition to the inaugural ‘State of D8’ event at the Pannell Community Center. Council Member Mai Vang held the first ever ‘State of D8’ address to give an update on the status of District 8 and recognize community leaders in the district. The event was opened by…