District 2: Team Hagginwood

Materials: Nova Color Acrylic Paint, Behr Paint

Completed: June 17, 2022

Photograph by Roderick Cooney

“The Ones”

Come visit the finished mural!

Check out Lead Artist Brandon Alxndr’s Artist Talk video describing the collaboration, inspiration and his process below!

  • June 7 – Community Mural Paint Day
  • February – March: Zoom Design Meetings
  • Sept – October: Art Activities with Hagginwood Youth, Meetings with Hagginwood Staff

community Mural paint day

community engagement events


Brandon Alexander

Lead Artist

Walter Anderson

Assistant Artist


Assistant Artist

Community Stakeholders

City Council Member Sean Loloee, D2
Hagginwood Community Center Youth and Staff
Mutual Assistance Network

CMS Artist Talk – Brandon Alxndr – District 2