Common Ground – That which unites us

November 6, 2021 – The first Community Mural Paint Day of the #CommunityMuralsSacramento series began at 11 am at Common Grounds Church. A free event for all ages, the day featured the Paint-By-Number mural experience, live music organized by Taylor’d Designz, vendors, a youth art show, a resource fair, food and coffee served by youth under the guidance of Bobbie Bray, Youth Initiative Director of Common Ground Church. The mural was designed by Lead Muralist Gregory Shilling in collaboration with Assistant Muralists Taylor Pannell, Eileen Noyer, and Valley Hi residents. Over the summer, the artist team hosted 3 free art workshops at Common Grounds Church. Common Grounds Church is also home to Mien Covenant Church.

Attendees creatively explored the community’s values through portrait making, leaf rubbing and abstract art workshops. These events inspired Gregory Shilling’s design. “We learned that diversity, inclusivity and food’s ability to bring people together were important themes, “shared Shilling. “They also emphasized the journey of immigrant families, the joys of gardening and the importance of the environment.”

When Paint Day participants arrived on November 6th, they were greeted by nearly 100 feet of line drawings on primed cinderblock walls encircling the church’s garden. The artists had numbered the wall, offering a paint-by-number experience to bring the wall to life. “The crossing of water in the mural illustrates the Iu Mien people’s journey to America as refugees from Southeast Asia. We’ve preserved our history through both story and art. If you look closely you can see the traditional Iu Mien patterns woven into the design.” Pastor Ricky Chao Mien Covenant Church

Over 125 people attended! Folks of all ages, with no art experience required. Over 4 hours, they fully painted in the walls. “In a time in which there are many things that can divide us, I am excited to see the community come together and create something that expresses the beauty, diversity, friendship, and resilience that is the Valley Hi Community,” shared Pastor Troy of Common Grounds Church