Heart & Hustle at ‘the state of d8’

D8 Meadowview Community Mural Paint Day became an addition to the inaugural ‘State of D8’ event at the Pannell Community Center. Council Member Mai Vang held the first ever ‘State of D8’ address to give an update on the status of District 8 and recognize community leaders in the district. The event was opened by Fenix Drums & Dance Corps. The inspired drumming and energized dancing set the stage for the truly extraordinary people that invest their heart and hustle into District 8. Councilmember Vang recognized the challenges, wins and opportunities. “The state of District 8 is beautiful, it’s powerful, it’s resilient, it is you,” shared the Council member. Mayor Steinberg, Mayor Pro Tem Guerra (D6) and Vice Mayor Ashby (D1) were present to emphasize the city’s investment in the historically marginalized district. “I’m excited to co-create, dream big along side you to ensure we uplift …everyone…in South Sacramento, ” closed Councilmember Vang, as she spoke about the recent acquisition of 102 acres in South Sacramento.

Following the presentation, about 40 community members painted the 4 walls of a City owned building at the Pannell Community Center. Designed by Leo Moliero, the mural featured brightly colored shapes designed by taping off a section of the wall. Assistant Artists Heather Hogan, Noelle Taveres and Jeff Musser assisted attendees for this Paint-By-Number mural experience.